Hindi chocolateletters


Vrindavan is founded by Alexandre van der Moezel together with Wrienda Baboeram. The idea for Hindi chocolate letters originated from the long solitary bicycle voyage of Alexandre in the beginning of this millennium. Always being ambitious, having the desire to be a successful and international, entrepreneur he has worked hard on this business venture which creates fusion of cultural traditions. So to speak, building bridges in this ever globalizing world and committing us to set better standards both for our products and business venture. We will not only offer you chocolate letters, but much more in the coming years, so check out our site for the future of Sweetness Developments.
We sincerely thank all our partners, advisers and helping hands, that supported us to found Vrindavan.


Our chocolate is certified by UTZ.
UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside is dedicated to creating an open and transparent marketplace for agricultural products. It offers coffee, tea and cocoa certification programs and manages traceability for RSPO certified pail oil. UTZ CERTIFIED’s vision is to achieve sustainable agricultural supply chains where farmers are professionals implementing good practices which lead to better businesses, where the food industry takes responsibility by demanding and rewarding sustainably grown products, and where consumers buy products which meet their standard for social and environmental responsibility.
To know more about UTZ  check out www.UTZCertified.org
Our ambitions are greater than UTZ only. We commit ourselves to develop an educational project that supports eliminating illiteracy in India and develop our business case with the utmost care in regard of human and environmental aspects. As a freshly started company we’re taking this one step at the time to be profound in our decisions.


Telephone 0031 – 6 430 262 40
FAX 0031 – 8 486 717 09

Retailers: sales@vrindavan.eu

For info: info@vrindavan.eu

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